Selling your home this fall?

sold-sign-2If your home is on the market in Atlanta, consider installing a basic outdoor lighting system this fall.  As it is getting darker earlier, a lot of prospective home buyers will drive by properties after work.  If these home buyers cannot see your home at night, they might not be as inclined to schedule an appointment over one that is visible with outdoor lighting.  A $1,800 investment could be the difference between being on the market for 2 months versus 12 months.  Give us a call and we can help!


Why is it important to have quality connections with landscape lighting?

Proud of your home's landscaping and architectural features, you are ready to highlight these elements at night.  Architectural Transformations can help you highlight these features with landscape lighting in Marietta.  When chosing the best contractor for the job, in addition to examining what brand of fixtures and bulbs, ask them about what kinds of connections they use.


Courtesy Northstar Industries


Not all connections are created equal and not all are approved for direct burial per the NEC code.  Most contractors will use a greased wire nut or a wire nut with electrial tape around it.  Both scenarios will ultimately lead to a connection failure down the road.  For direct burial applications we prefer to use copper crimp connectors in a water proof grease tube as shown above.  The grease tube connectors are going to last the longest and will aid in preventing water "wicking" (when water gets inside the coating on the direct burial wire and causes the copper strands to patina).  "Wicking" can lead to amperage issues down the road because the transformer will have to work harder to push the power through the wire, especially with halogen systems.   


Why You Should Hire a Professional for Your Landscape Lighting Design

If you are considering installing landscape lighting in Marietta why not bring in the professionals to help? After all, there is no substitute for experience when designing a beautiful, practical and cost effective outdoor lighting experience for your home. To give you a taste of what a professional will bring to your lighting project consider the following:


Top 4 Benefits of Having LED Lights Installed Around Your Home

If you are giving thought to upgrading your outdoor lighting in Roswell, LED lighting could provide the answer. Unlike conventional bulbs which utilize filaments or gases, LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes use microchip technology to provide light. Here are some things you should consider:


5 Ways to Light Up Your Swimming Pool for a Beautiful Effect

Add the right swimming pool lighting and you can create a beautiful effect which will enhance your outdoor landscape after dark. If you wish to make the most of your pool lighting in Alpharetta then here are some things to consider.


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